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 QaZZy's Win BoT (1v1) - A bot that plays the game

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PostSubject: QaZZy's Win BoT (1v1) - A bot that plays the game   Thu Apr 23, 2009 3:53 am

QaZZy's Win BoT (1v1) - A bot that plays the

A bot what will play games
(1vs1) for you and possibly win ~40% of the time. This bot is designed as an afk
bot to have on while you are not at the computer, which will gain you extra wins
to get that 1500 icon faster (about 4.5 months if you only bot). This bot is for
Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne and it currently plays only Undead but it will
play other races in future versions. This bot will search for a game, train
about 10 ghouls and a death knight, then attack the enemy. If it's successful it
will win if not it will wait until its either loss or 16 minutes are up. I have
it wait 16 minutes to keep the average game time at a reasonable number. I will
add an option later to make it leave as soon as it fails. After its all done it
will redo the process until you stop the bot.

I'm currently working on C++ version of
this bot, and fixing the bugs in the Autoit version. I'm almost adding new
features and making it where I won't have to recompile the bot just because a
ladder update comes out, and they add new maps to the map pool. I have finished
coding the bot I just need to find some extra time to test the bot on the
different maps.

New Features Include:

  • (started) Written in C++
  • (started) Bot can play in windowed or full screen
  • (completed) XML database of each start location
  • (completed) Auto detecting
    custom hotkeys should also work for other game languages
  • (started) Adding support for other races

    • (started) Hunt BoT (Night Elf)
    • (future) Grunt BoT (Orc)
    • (future) ?? BoT (Human) - need to think about this

  • (possibility) Detecting chat messages to make a
    database of responses to certain phrases
  • (possibility) Using memory to detect information in
    the game like how much gold it has

I'll add more when I think of
them, if you want to see a feature just tell me and I'll see if it's

- Mirror 1 (will add when the bot
is finished)
- Mirror 2 (will add when the bot is

A video DEMOSTRATION of the
bot, just to show you what it basically does.
YouTube -
Warcraft III Ghoul BoT

Source Code:

*insert source later*

I thought this was kind of funny, here is an
screen shot of an APM (actions per minute) chart of the old autoit bot playing

As you can see the timing was almost identical except near the end when
obviously one person had to win
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PostSubject: Re: QaZZy's Win BoT (1v1) - A bot that plays the game   Sun May 10, 2009 12:37 am

Cool i see
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QaZZy's Win BoT (1v1) - A bot that plays the game
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