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PostSubject: PLAYING GAMES IN GARENA   Mon May 25, 2009 10:58 pm

Step 1. Launch Garena
Log in to Garena using your account name and password.

Step 2. Join a Room

Under “LAN Games”, click on the icon or name of the game you want to play. Then select your region/country by clicking on the name. A list of rooms under the region/country will be listed, double click on the room you want to join.

NOTE: All rooms have a maximum capacity of 225 users excluding the channel administrators and other special member type, you may only enter full rooms if you are a Gold Member. Other rooms will have minimum required entry level you need to reach and/or password access to be able to join the room.
Step 3. Set the Game Path

Once inside the room, click on the “Settings” button.

The Garena Settings window will pop up. Click on the correct game icon under Garena LAN Games, if you are inside a War3 RPG room, click on the War3 RPG icon; if inside a CS 1.6 room, click on the CS 1.6 icon and so on.
You can either browse or auto-search to find the .exe file for that particular game.
The following are the standard game executable path:
• War3 RPG: war3.exe
• War3 TFT: war3.exe
• Counter-Strike 1.6: cstrike.exe , hl.exe , hlds.exe , hltv.exe , steam.exe (NOTE: you can use any of the one listed)
• Counter-Strike Source: hl2.exe , steam.exe
(NOTE: you can use any of the one listed)
• Call of Duty 4: iw3mp.exe
• Starcraft: starcraft.exe
• Dawn of War: w40k.exe
• Quake 4: quake4.exe , quake4ded.exe
(NOTE: you can use any of the one listed)

If you know the location of the .exe file, Click on the 'Browse' button in the Settings window. Locate and select the .exe of the game then click on Open. (Refer to image below for sample for Warcraft 3: TFT)

Or you can let Garena automatically search for the .exe file for you by clicking on 'Search' in the Settings window. Then the auto search window will pop-up, choose the drive under “Look in” then click “Search” (Refer to image below for sample for Warcraft 3: TFT)

After putting the correct game path in the Game Executable field, click on “OK” to save the settings.
NOTE: You do not need to set your game path every time you run Garena, you only need to set it once during the first time you use Garena in your computer
Step 4. Starting Game and Playing in Garena
After setting up the game path, click on the “Start Game” or enter “/start” in the message input area.

After the game has been launched through Garena, go to the game’s LAN section to view available host to join, or to create a new game.

Sample Demo: Warcraft III: TFT

In the Warcraft III: TFT menu, choose "Local Area Network" (NOTE: Not Battle.net).

You will be able to see all available games hosted in the current room under the “Games” list. Just double click on the available games listed to enter it. You can create your own game for others to join by clicking on the “Create Game” button.

Sample Demo: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

After CoD4 has loaded, click on the "Start New Server" button to host a new game.

Click on "Join Game" to view all available hosted game and be able to join.

Post Replay to see link
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