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 GHost++ v12

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GHost++ v12 Empty
PostSubject: GHost++ v12   GHost++ v12 EmptyThu Apr 23, 2009 3:51 am


GHost++ is a hostbot for Warcraft 3 TFT. It's completely free and has
many useful features, just as:

  • run on Windows and Linux
  • connect to official battle.net and PVPGN realms
  • connect to multiple realms at the same time
  • host battle.net games and LAN games
  • host battle.net games across realms (players from different realms can play
    in the same game)
  • auto refresh games on battle.net
  • auto host and start games without admin interaction
  • can be controlled via LAN (you only need one set of CD keys)
  • host multiple games at the same time
  • host melee maps and custom maps
  • high speed map downloads (with adjustable maximum download speed)
  • host saved games
  • record complete replays of hosted games (including allied and private chat
    from all players)
  • determine player pings and countries of origin
  • player bans
  • player statistics
  • kick players from games
  • adjustable game latency
  • adjustable lag screen
  • mute global chat in games
  • mute individual players in lobbies and games
  • and much more...

Originally Posted by Varlock (Creator of GHost++)
This release includes support for MySQL
database. This required the addition of a threaded database model so GHost++ now
uses threads for database queries (it is still single threaded in all other
aspects and will remain that way in future versions). If you are going to
compile GHost++ yourself you will now need the MySQL development libraries and
the Boost development libraries. I have included the relevant instructions in
the readme.

Note that SQLite database operations are still single
threaded (you will not notice any performance improvements with large SQLite
database). In addition to this, no threaded database queries are supported in
the admin game so any commands that modify the database in the admin game are
non functional for now when using a MySQL database (SQLite should still work
fine in the admin game).

It also includes support for Warcraft III
version 1.23. In fact, this version does NOT support previous versions of
Warcraft III anymore. If you try to use GHost++ version 12.0 with a previous
version of Warcraft III you will be unable to join any games hosted by it. I
might add support for Warcraft III version 1.22 in the future as it would be a
fairly minor change to the source code (if you want this feature now please
download GHostOne as it has this option already).

There are a couple
other minor bug fixes and adjustments, particularly regarding refreshing and
rehosting to try and eliminate problems where the bot is getting flooded out of
battle.net. As usual there may be bugs and problems with this release, please
post any problems you're having with it.

The changelog:

- updated ip-to-country.csv to the latest version from February 26,
- added support for MySQL databases
- added precompiled boost
libraries for Visual C++
- added precompiled mysql libraries for Visual
- added mysql headers for Visual C++
- added new command !dbstatus in
- refresh messages are no longer permanently disabled and can be
configured on or off once again
- games are now refreshed every 3 seconds
instead of 2 seconds (to reduce the risk of flooding out)
- when a game
refresh fails the bot will stop trying to refresh the game until it is rehosted
(to reduce the risk of flooding out)
- fixed the "duplicate game" bug when
rehosting a game
- fixed an error in the Makefile
- added support for
Warcraft III patch 1.23
- bnet*_custom_war3version now defaults to 23
updated the game protocol to match the 1.23 game protocol
- updated the LAN
protocol to match the 1.23 LAN protocol
- updated the replay header to match
the 1.23 replay header
- added a public domain SHA1 hashing algorithm
added a new map config value map_sha1
- added support for spoof checking via
friend whisper
- added error codes to unknown socket errors
- fixed a
minor bug with the !statsdota command not responding correctly to whispers
fixed a bug where changes to the system clock could cause GHost++ to drop
players (thanks lucasn)
- minor optimizations
- modified


Originally Posted by Readme
There are three types of admins:

1.) Root

Each battle.net server has a root admin defined in
Root admins have access to every command both in battle.net and in
the lobby and ingame.
In particular this includes !addadmin, !checkadmin,
!countadmins, !deladmin, !exit, and !quit among others.

2.) Game

Each game has an owner defined as the user who ran the !priv or
!pub command or the user specified with the !privby or !pubby command.
owners have access to every command in the lobby and ingame but NO commands in
You can think of the game owner as a temporary admin for one game
only - it doesn't have to be a root admin or a regular admin.
The game owner
is also the only user who can use commands inside a game which is locked (see
the !lock and !unlock commands for more information).
The game owner for a
particular can be changed after the game is created with the !owner

3.) Admins.

Each battle.net server has a list of
Admins are added and deleted by the root admin only.
Admins have
access to most commands in battle.net and all commands in the lobby and

So, how does GHost++ determine whether a user has admin access in
the lobby and ingame? The user must meet several criteria:

1.) The user
must be spoof checked.
a.) If spoof checking is disabled they must still
manually spoof check by whispering the bot.
b.) GHost++ treats the game owner
as spoof checked even if they aren't. This is because it's impossible to spoof
check in LAN games.
2.) The user must be either a root admin on the realm
they spoof checked on, or they must be the game owner, or they must be an admin
on the realm they spoof checked on.

If the bot is ignoring you in the
lobby and ingame it's most likely because you haven't spoof

The Admin Game (or: how to use
GHost++ with one set of CD keys)

Since Version 9.0 GHost++ can be
used with only one set of CD keys.
This feature can also be used to host LAN
games without connecting to battle.net at all.
Here's how:

1.) You
need to set admingame_create to 1 in ghost.cfg to enable the admin game.
You need to set admingame_port in ghost.cfg to the port you want to host the
admin game on. It *must* be different from your bnet_hostport *and* from your
Warcraft 3 port.
3.) You need to set admingame_password in ghost.cfg to a
password which you will need to login to the admin game.

Now, when you
start GHost++:

1.) GHost++ automatically hosts a Warcraft 3 game (the
"Admin Game") and broadcasts it to the local network.
a.) If you aren't on
the local network you won't be able to join the Admin Game.
b.) The Admin
Game is not created on battle.net. It is a local network (LAN) game only.
If configured to do so GHost++ logs into battle.net as usual.
a.) This means
you need to edit ghost.cfg if you haven't already done so and enter your CD
keys, battle.net username, battle.net password, etc...
b.) If you only want
to host LAN games and don't want to connect to battle.net at all you can skip
this step.
3.) Open Warcraft 3 and go to the LAN screen. After a few seconds
you will see a game called "GHost++ Admin Game" appear. Join it.
4.) Use the
password command to enter your Admin Game password (e.g. "!password
a.) If you enter the wrong password you will be kicked
from the game and temporarily banned for 5 seconds.
5.) Use the map or load
command to load a map.
6.) Use the priv/privby/pub/pubby commands to create a
game. If connecting to battle.net you should wait until it says "Battle.net game
hosting succeeded" for each battle.net server before continuing.
7.) Leave
the game and return to the LAN screen. After a few seconds you will see your
newly created game appear. Join it.
8.) You are now ready to play. Your game
has been created on the local network and, if configured to do so, on each
battle.net server.
9.) If you make a mistake and want to unhost the game you
can use !unhost in either game (the Admin Game or your newly created

Additional notes:
- To get it work, the ports you
entered in the cfg (bot_hostport and admingame port) and your WC3 hostport must be opened.
- To get it work,
the maps have to be in the GHost++ /maps folder as well as in the WC3 folder.
- For problems with GHost++ either
ask me or look them up on forum.codelain.com - Index

Here is the

Latest DotA mapcfg (6.59c): RapidShare: Easy Filehosting
GHost++ v12.0: http://ghostplusplus.googlecode.com/...splus_12.0.zip
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PostSubject: Re: GHost++ v12   GHost++ v12 EmptyThu Nov 05, 2009 4:30 am

special 4 batle net.. but i juz play garena anyways nice share ^^
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GHost++ v12
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