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 World of Warcraft Mod ( cs 1.6 )

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World of Warcraft Mod ( cs 1.6 ) Empty
PostSubject: World of Warcraft Mod ( cs 1.6 )   World of Warcraft Mod ( cs 1.6 ) EmptyThu Apr 23, 2009 4:00 am

Announcing World of
Warcraft Mod (WowMOD) for CS 1.6
and AMXX:

Current Version: Beta 0.1.26

Update 2/21/2008: Uploaded
version 0.1.26 - Array index bug from dmgevent() fixed, Added a 1 second
cooldown to all healing spells to prevent the heal flooding

Update 2/17/2008: Uploaded version 0.1.25 - New command added (
say /who to display players list )

Update 2/15/2008 : Uploaded new
wowmod.zip with new directory structure so it can be extracted into the cstrike
directory with less hassle - removed redundant asset files, overall zipfile is
half the size of the previous version.


80 player levels

* 8 WowMOD Races to choose from: Nightelf, Gnome, Human,
Dwarf, Orc, Tauren, Undead, Bloodelf

* 6 WowMOD Classes to choose from:
Druid, Hunter, Mage, Rogue, Warlock, Priest

* 8 Unique spells for each
class, each with multiple spell uprades

* Dual-class capabilities: player
choose an initial race/class when creating their character and then they may
choose a second class after some advancement. Players can learn spells from both

* Racial Traits: Each race has unique traits such as
buffs/debuffs and resistances

* Unique Racial Ability: Each race has a
unique ability that only they can use

* Gold - Gold is a separate
currency system independent of CS
money which players can use for WowMOD purchases without depleting their
CS money needed for guns and

* Spell Merchant: for purchasing spells and spell

* Items Marchant: for purchasing magical equipment

* An
Armorer: for having special armor sets crafted, armor based on the tiered (epic)
armor sets from World of Warcraft

* Stored Inventory System: You can
purchase and keep up to 100 items in your inventory

* Worn Equipment
System: You can wear up to 10 different pieces of armor and magical items at the
same time covering the same armor slots as World of Warcraft
If you like UWC3 or War3FT you will
absolutely love WowMOD, there will never be a dull moment.


attached wowmod.zip file contains the compiled .amxx file, the complete source
code, and all needed support files.

Official WowMOD Website: World of Warcraft Mod (WowMOD) for
CS 1.6
WowMOD Wiki: Main Page - CS WowMOD Wiki - a Wikia


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World of Warcraft Mod ( cs 1.6 )
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