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 Nintendo Mod v2.5

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Nintendo Mod v2.5 Empty
PostSubject: Nintendo Mod v2.5   Nintendo Mod v2.5 EmptyThu Apr 23, 2009 4:01 am

Nintendo mod official web

Just Extracted the zip into your cstrike folder and add the
required modules
and reload map.

To run this all you have to do is
extract the zip into the cstrike folder and restart the map.

If you want
mysql then open the pluings-nintendomod.ini file and comment the
NintendoMod_Vault.amxx and uncomment the NintendoMod_Mysql.amxx and open up the
configs/NintendoMod/nintendomod.cfg and uncomment the mysql cvars, and put in
your db info.

Character Template
Nintendo Mod
* Note - You will have to register on the
forums to get it*

* This is a Counter-Strike Mod, that allows you to be
* nintendo characters. Each character has one passive,
* that gets better as you level. Three Skills with three
* level, that increase the power of the skill, and One
* PowerUp that can be selected above level six. With
* Nintendo Mod it is easy to add and remove characters.
* Each Character has its own saved XP.

Required Modules:
* fakemeta
* cstrike
* fun

Client Commands:
* say /changechar - Change your character
* say /selectskills - Select your skills
* say /resetskills - Reset your skills
* say /playerlevels - Other players level
* say /playerskills - Other players skill
* say /skillsinfo - Current characters skills
* say /characterhelp - Menu of all characters to see what they do
* say /nintendohelp - Help menu
* +powerup - PowerUp command

Admin Commands:
* amx_givexp - Add xp to player
* amx_takexp - Takes xp from player
* amx_givelevel - Give Levels to player
* amx_setlevel - Sets player level
* amx_resetxp - resets the xp

* sv_nintendomod - 1 = On, 0 = Off

Future Plans
* Add nVault Support
* Add cvars for almost every value

Written By Soloist
Version 2.5
Last Updated On 01/27/07


Version 2.5
* Added nVault Support
* Hopefully fixed MySql bug
* Added one round delay on loading XP
* Fixed HUD
Version 2.0
* Fix Sql Bug
* Allowed it to be played with DM
Version 1.5
* Added MySql Support
* Added Client Command /playerlevels
* Fix bug where plugin can load itself twice
* Added NMADMIN for Admin access to commands
* Sound for powerup only play on client and not all.
Version 1.0
* Release of the plugin

Model pack ( zip )

Nintendo mod ( zip )
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Nintendo Mod v2.5
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